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Privacy Policy

W3Global is committed to ensuring the privacy of all users who visit w3global.com (the “Website”). This privacy policy governs the basis on which we collect, use, disclose or process the information. We collect personal information when you visit our website, browse our services, and access the products displayed on the web pages. At W3Global, we take utmost care to keep your information safe, secure and free from every unauthorized access. We will not share or disclose your personal information to any individual or any third-party organizations. Kindly read this privacy policy (“Policy”) carefully to understand how your personal data is collected, used and disclosed by W3Global. By using our Website, you agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal data regarding the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy.

The terms “you” and “your” hereinafter refers to any clients, visitors, candidates and any other users of our website, services, and products. The terms “we”, “our’ and “us” refer to W3Global, its affiliates, subsidiaries and employees.

What Type of Information Do We Collect?

W3Global collects personal information when a user visits the Website, registers with the services, or submits a request. This personal information could be any data that identifies the user. It can be a user name, mailing address, date of birth, IP address, email address or any combination of this information that can be used for identifying a user. Information collected by W3Global will not be sold or shared with any person other than law enforcement or regulatory agencies. We collect the following types of personal information (as permitted under law):

Personal Information

It implies the data that explicitly recognizes an individual (for example, a name, contact number, email address, mailing address, etc.). We collect this data when you register with us, post a comment or submit a query. This information helps us to answer your queries or respond back to you with better solutions.

Demographic Information

This data represents the socioeconomic characteristics of users. The demographic data includes gender, age, zip code, job history, race, ethnicity, etc. We use this information to segment the market based on the geographic locations of the users and offer them services according to their geographical locations and their preferences.

Behavioral Information

This information refers to data that identifies your personal interests and preferences. We track the web pages you visit, the service you access, and the activities you do on the Website. This information helps us to analyze your browsing habits, fine-tune our marketing efforts and offer the services and products that you are interested in.

Third-party Sources

For your convenience, few third-party apps, tools, and plugins, such as social media sharing tools, are provided on our Website. The third-party providers may use some automated tools for collecting information and your access is subjected to their privacy policy. W3Global takes no responsibility or liability for the privacy policies of the third-party providers.

In some events, we may obtain personal information about the candidates from third-party websites like job boards, social media platforms, and public databases. We may also add third-party information to our candidate profiles before we share the profiles with the employers who are seeking candidates for the job openings in their organizations. By using our services, you agree and give absolute consent to W3Global, its affiliates and subsidiaries so that we can access, update and disclose your profiles with the employers and third-party job providers for generating better opportunities for you.

How Do We Collect Information?

We make use of numerous active and passive methods to collect personal data in accordance with the largest extent permitted by law. For instance, we make use of the following methods to collect personal data:


When you sign up with our services, you share both personal and demographic information with us voluntarily. This information may include name, contact number, email address, mail address, gender, ethnicity, etc. We may collect your personal information when you submit a query, post a comment or participate in the forums through interactive features provided on our Website. The demographic information like zip code, IP address, mailing address, etc., is collected when you visit our Website and when you navigate from one page to another. Generally, this information is used in aggregate form for statistical analysis.


Cookies are a small piece of information which is sent from our Website and stored on your computer when you access the web pages. Cookies help us track your IP address, browser type, language preference, operating system, and geographic location. By using cookies, we can analyze what actually you are interested in and provide more personalized, relevant and positive services through our Website.

Web Beacons

It is a small transparent graphical image that is normally used to track the activities of the users. We use these beacons on our Website, in the emails or in combination with the cookies. Web Beacons help us to know the type of browser you use, track the areas of the web pages you browse or monitor every other activity you do on our Website. This kind of information helps us better understand your needs and interests and enables us to formulate a marketing strategy that helps us serve you better.

Log Files

Like any other online services, we make use of log files at our server to store the personal information like IP address, enter/exit page timestamps, operating system, and the type of ISP services being used by the user. This information helps us to evaluate the preferences of the user, predict the trends in the market and personalize the Website for the users based on a certain geographical proportion.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

The information that we collect from you will not be sold or disclosed to anyone. We may require personal information to meet the contractual obligations that we had with the law enforcement agencies. We make use of your personal data for the reasons depicted in this privacy policy. For instance, we may use personal data:

  1. To evaluate the needs of the business and provide the services in accordance with the market requirements.
  2. To inform you about the open positions in our database and get approval from you before we process your profile for a job.
  3. To update you about our events, offers, promotions, activities, new letters and the latest updates on the services that might interest you.
  4. To get feedback, share comments, answer queries and assist you with the required information.
  5. To send you security updates, customer support messages, and managerial messages that generally improve user experience.
  6. To inform you about important changes to our Website that may impact the user.
  7. To notify you about the contractual obligations, enforcement of legal requirements and compliance practices.
  8. To understand the user’s requirements and create a design that improves the user experience.
  9. To evaluate the performance, predict the trends and formulate the marketing strategies.

By using our Website, you agree and give us complete permission to use your personal data, including but not limited all the above circumstances. By sharing your contact number with us, you agree to receive text messages from W3Global and you give us the complete authority to update you about the upcoming open positions, events, and activities at W3Global. In addition, we may use aggregate personal data with some analytical tools like Google Analytics to evaluate the performance of our website and you agree to provide us legal permission to share your data with any of the analytical tools.

When Do We Disclose Your Personal Data?

Apart from the law enforcement agency or any other events explained in this Policy, we assure you that we do not disclose, sell or share your information with any individual outside the organization. We may disclose your personal data to our internal employees, affiliates and subsidiaries whenever there is a job opening relevant to your profile. We may also share your personal information with the companies who are looking for candidates like you to fill their open positions at their company.

As explained previously in this Policy, we may disclose your personal data to government officials or law enforcement agencies based on their legal permissible request or subpoena. We may also do so when we believe that the disclosure is the only means to avoid financial loss or help government officials in scrutinizing any suspected fraudulent or illegal activities.

The information collected by the third-party widgets and plugins is directly subjected to the privacy policies of the providers of the widgets and plugins. W3Global takes no responsibility or liability for the privacy policies of the third-party providers.

How Do We Safeguard Your Personal Data?

W3Global takes reasonable and appropriate measures to safeguard the personal data that you provide to us on our Website. We use Secure Socket Layer to ensure that all digital transmissions are safe and secure from unauthorized access. When you access our Website, a secure link establishes between your browser and our web server. Whatever information you share through this link is secured from hackers and identity thieves. But no security efforts are invulnerable, and no digital transmission can be ensured against any type of misuse or unauthorized access. We recommend you do not share your personal data or password with anyone you believe may be a hacker or identity thief. You are solely responsible for the loss of the data if you disclose your personal data or password of your account to a person you do not know.

Your Acknowledgment

By using our Website, service, and products, you agree and give complete consent to the data processing practices that have been explained in this Policy. You give us complete permission to use, including but not limited to, cookies, web beacons and log files, for collecting your personal data. You agree with all the disclosure and sharing means that have been explained in this Policy.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

W3Global reserves all rights to change this Policy at any time with its sole discretion. We recommend you read this Policy from time to time and keep yourself up to date with the latest revised version of this Policy.

Contact Us:

If you have queries about this privacy policy, please share your concerns at info@w3global.com

Last Updated: November 2023